I haven't done much "gardening" since my hydroponics system got washed/blown away by hurricane Ike. I started to get the itch again and decided this time to go with an Aquaponics system. Here are a couple of 275 gallon IBC totes to be used as a fish tank and sump tank.

275 Gallon IBC Totes

Deven's only requirement was that she didn't want things looking like "Little Appalachia" as she called it. So my solution was to hide the tanks behind a lattice half-wall.

Lattice Wall

Here are the fish tank and sump tank all plumbed up. The pump is in the sump tank and circulates water to the fish tank and to the beds on the deck above. The fish tank overflows back into the sump, and the beds drain back into the sump. That way the water level in the fish tank remains constant hopefully keeping the fish happy.

Fish and Sump Tanks

Here is one of the two grow beds planted with some pansies and cabbage. I also planted some onion bulbs and some lettuce, spinach, and radish seeds. Hopefully it won't get too cold before I get a little production out of the bed.

Grow Bed

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